• Disabled Adult Children and Social Security

    For some families, dependent benefits for children with disabilities are an important factor in the Social Security claiming equation. Here’s what you need to know about if you are eligible or claiming your Social Security in 2021 or the future.


  • 2021 Investment Outlook

    From BlackRock Investment Institute

    2020 was by all accounts exceptional. But Rather than dwell on the events of last year, let us look ahead to what’s in store for 2021 Investment Markets! The current environment is full of change and transformational opportunity, while risk remains a lingering concern. Trending areas of opportunity include the exponential growth of ecommerce, increased social awareness or the renewed focus on sustainability. Like an old sports injury the nagging inflation is again a concern, added to a list of other investment risks like geopolitics and Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

    Download the complete 2021 gloan outlook for BlackRock Investment Institute

  • The Best of TED talks

    Financial Planning Insights from TED Ideas Worth Sharing

  • New LH Client Portal

  • Thriving in the New Work-Life World

    Addressing the modern Concerns of an overworked, overstressed workforce. Annual US Employee Benefit Trends Survey- 2019 Metlife

    Important information for both employers and individuals, this study demonstrates the immense pressure and stress employees bring with them to work everyday. Employee wellness is a huge concern for employers and small businesses, as the burden of employee financial stress reduces productivity and quality of their work. Financial stress is not only hurting job satisfaction, it is weighing on growth, revenue and the bottom line.

    Given the strong job market (fueled by low unemployment and labor shortages) employees are leaving companies for more than just financial reasons. The results effect more than the bottom line, employee turnover and loss of key talent hurts growth, operations and company morale. People want a work environment that will improve their quality of life, both at the office and at home. Employees are migrating to organizations that offer benefits and programs to deliver this ideal lifestyle.

    Lane Hipple has created a program to address employees financial stress and cultivate a happier workforce. Our innovative approach helps companies take a proactive approach to address this through financial literacy and empowerment. In partnership with employers we deliver education and support to relieve employees of financial burdens. The outcome is a more engaged, productivity and happier workforce, which will retain the talented employees, while creating loyalty and commitment to the organization. Our engagements are customizable and can be implemented with organizations of any size or location. Whether a local small business or a midsize multi-office growth organization, our flexible solutions deliver. Reach out our partner Andy Hipple to learn more about this innovative and exciting new frontier of employee benefit and wellness. 856-638-1855 ANDY@LHSWEALTH.COM