Special Needs Planning

While the term Special Needs planning applies to only a select group of individuals, it is extremely important for those to whom it does apply to understand the ins and outs of Special Needs planning.

Many Special Needs individuals receive very valuable benefits from either the State or Federal Government. It is critically important to understand how to incorporate these into your overall financial and estate plan without inadvertently disqualifying your Special Needs person from receiving public assistance.

Very often, well-meaning grandparents, aunts and uncles can make arrangements to help their Special Needs relative or friend only to undermine the financial assistance.

At Lane Hipple, we understand the importance of planning properly to ensure that these invaluable benefits are not jeopardized. We work with attorneys who specialize in the area of planning for Special Needs individuals and are affiliated with a network of trust companies that provide trust services for Special Needs individuals. Lane Hipple works with families in helping them to develop and manage investment strategies that will help provide for the Special Needs individual.