Retirement Plans for Employers

We are committed to working with successful businesses to create a retirement plan that is a benefit for both the employer and employees. Whether you are a small entrepreneurial business owner or the owner of a large firm, you recognize the value of a good retirement program with regard to attracting and retaining employees. Why are we successful?

Everything starts with a plan. We don’t use boilerplate designs. We take the time to understand your financial objectives and needs. We work with several TPAs and plan custodian/record keepers and work closely with them to develop cost efficient plans that support your overall business strategy and meets the needs of your employees.

Investment selection, performance and management. At Lane Hipple, we base our strategy for retirement plan asset management on three core investment principles:

  • Adherence to a diversified, conservative approach
  • Commitment to asset allocation rather than market timing or stock selection
  • High quality, low cost investments with proven track records

We are able to sign on as a plan’s fiduciary in multiple capacities. We can act as a Co-Fiduciary in an ERISA 3(21) capacity or serve as full fiduciary related to the investment management of the plan in an ERISA 3(38) capacity. These roles can reduce or nearly eliminate your fiduciary responsibility as a plan sponsor.

We understand that a retirement account is likely to be the largest asset that your employees will own as they begin their retirement. We work hard to ensure that your investment menu consists of high quality, low cost investments designed to assist your employees build retirement security.

To ensure that your employees realize the full benefits of their plan, the financial planners at Lane Hipple will provide a clear, consistent, personalized communication strategy. We will do whatever needs to be done and spend as much time as it takes to help them understand their options.

We partner with you to easing your fiduciary and administrative burden. As a business owner, you are focused on growing your business. As your partner, we strive to minimize the time you spend on your company’s retirement plan and to ease the administrative burden from plan design through implementation.

We invite you to allow us an opportunity to review your existing plan and provide you with a written analysis including specific recommendations. There is no obligation on your part whatsoever nor is there any fee for our analysis.