Retirement Planning for Individuals

Our clients share a common goal of retiring or continuing their retirement with sufficient capital to provide a standard of living of which they have grown accustomed. Our service offering will provide you with cash flow projections of your retirement that will capture varying investment rates of return and inflation percentages, as well as:

  • Various Retirement Ages and adjustable monthly spending projections
  • Retirement Income – Social Security, Pensions, Passive Income (Real Estate, etc.)
  • Retirement Expenses – Rising Healthcare Costs, Planned Large Expenditures
  • Windfall Life Insurance Proceeds, Inheritances, etc.
  • Any other customizable unique situations

We will ensure that you meet your goals by taking the least amount of risk required. We will listen to you and your concerns, help you to prioritize goals and objectives, develop a plan that is consistent with your objectives and assist you with the implementation and monitoring of your plan moving forward.