Planning for Widows

Losing a spouse is a very difficult and challenging time in one’s life perhaps leaving you facing many difficult decisions. Decisions that were made together during your marriage may now seem overwhelming when faced with making them on your own.

Perhaps your husband made some financial investments or decisions himself and now you are faced with gaining an understanding of those investments and decisions.

While meaningful family members and friends may give you advice on how to navigate the financial waters now that you are alone, nothing comes close to providing the peace of mind that the trusted financial advisors at Lane Hipple can provide.

How can we help? Lane Hipple’s comprehensive approach to wealth management separates us from other financial professionals. We will work closely with your different advisors, such as CPA, estate attorney, investment advisor, banker, or insurance agent, to ensure that all are working in concert for the benefit of our client. This avoids duplication of efforts and ultimately reduces the costs associated with providing the various services.

Our comprehensive approach enables us to develop plans that will effectively meet both the short and long-term needs of our clients. Our process will incorporate cash flow management; investment planning, estate and wealth transfer planning; insurance and risk management; and tax planning. Our greatest strength may simply be to understand the needs and concerns of a recent widow and in doing so, helping them to make informed decisions about their future.

If you would like to learn more about Planning for Widows, please complete the section “For Your Free Report” and receive our comprehensive report titled, “The LH Planning Guide for Widows”.