Our Value and Commitment

Planning Wheel

At Lane Hipple, we are devoted to providing our clients with an unparalleled level of service as we guide them through the financial planning process. A wise man once said, “no one plans to fail”, but many “fail to plan”. It is our mission to work closely with our clients and “listen to them” so that we may gain a thorough understanding of their goals and objectives and ultimately provide them with the information they need to make “informed decisions” regarding their financial life. Our ownership team consists of three Certified Financial Planners who adhere to the CFP Boards Financial Planning Practice Standards that describe the Financial Planning Process displayed in the graphic.

The specific service offering provided by Lane Hipple Wealth Management Group is extensive, covering many facets of financial issues and complexities. For those looking for dedicated, responsive, and trustworthy financial planning experts to inspire confidence in your current and future wealth trajectory, we encourage you to take advantage of this offering, as our greatest value is our ability to listen and guide your money decisions as life evolves.

Should you agree to partner with our firm, you will receive the following services:

Organization and Clarity

We will inventory your assets and liabilities and track your net worth. Through consolidation and organization, we eliminate inefficiency from mismanaged, nonproductive assets, which leads to a clearer understanding of your financial assets and position.

Goal Setting and Resetting

We will work with you to establish planning objectives and goals that reflect your values, aspirations, and resources. Designing specific goals will create targets to motivate your savings and wealth creation in realistic and meaningful ways. Throughout our engaged relationship, there will be planned and unplanned life events, for which we will provide guidance around resetting objectives so that goals are added, adjusted, and achieved.

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Utilizing our advanced resources and software, our team of experienced Certified Financial Planners™ will conduct an extensive analysis of your current financial health and prepare a comprehensive financial plan that assesses risks, inefficiencies, and shortfalls, while including recommendations to maximize outcomes and ultimately, your family wealth.


Investment Analysis

We will analyze your current investment portfolio to determine its effectiveness in meeting your investment objectives, given your risk tolerance and time frames. If changes are necessary, we will make the appropriate recommendations and implement the changes as needed.

Effective Portfolio Construction

Asset allocation and diversification are utilized to manage investment risk, minimize the impact of taxes, and add significant value.  A portfolio that provides broad asset-class diversification, suitable market sector exposure, and return transparency can enable most investors to adopt the investment strategy with confidence and better endure the inevitable ups and downs of the market.

Cost-Effective Implementation

We apply a practice of reducing your portfolio costs by utilizing low-cost investments.  A reduction in portfolio costs through lower overall operating costs will result in greater potential returns.

Portfolio Rebalancing

We executes a portfolio management strategy to consistently align a portfolio with its target allocation. As investments produce different returns over time, the portfolio likely drifts from its target allocation, acquiring new risk and return characteristics that may be inconsistent with your original preferences.  The goal of a rebalancing strategy is to minimize risk, rather than maximize return.

Tax Loss Harvesting

When appropriate and applicable, we will capitalize on depressed investment positions to realize capital losses in non-qualified brokerage accounts while shifting into like portfolios or rebalancing. Tax loss harvesting provides a potentially greater after-tax return by capturing tax losses to offset gains, possibly generating an income tax deduction.


Retirement Income Planning

A secure and sustainable retirement can involve turning assets into income to support lifestyle. Generating sufficient income is a dynamic process that requires advanced planning strategies and comprehensive market knowledge. We maintain superior knowledge on bond yields, duration, and credit risk, in addition to dividend equity and alternative income strategies.

Asset Spenddown Expertise

We will provide expert guidance to determine your optimal withdrawal strategy from non-qualified assets, Traditional IRAs, and Roth IRAs in periods of spending and retirement. The distribution of assets for your spending has a large impact on the longevity of your portfolio, total tax burden, and wealth.

Behavioral Coaching and Guidance

Investing involves emotions. We help clients maintain a long-term perspective and a disciplined approach. Abandoning a well-planned investment strategy can be costly, however becoming emotionally detached and steadfast in your investment strategy conviction can offer significant financial impact.

Asset Location

This refers to the allocation of assets between different investment vehicles and strategies, as well as taxable and tax-advantaged accounts. Through a comprehensive understanding of your goals, financial plan, and tax situation, we can practice optimal portfolio construction to minimize the impact of taxes, provide security, reduce risk, and potentially earn greater returns.

Wealth Location

Through effective financial planning, we will advise you on the account types (i.e., ROTH IRA, Brokerage, Health Savings Account, etc.) that are most suitable for you and your family to grow and sustain wealth. The proper placement of your money will drive a more tax efficient wealth accumulation plan resulting in increased security and greater financial plan success.


Money Movement and Account Service

We will assist with the deposit, movement, and distribution of money from your accounts.  If you are subject to Required Minimum Distributions (RMD), we will help calculate and withdraw the RMD in accordance with your wishes and financial plan.

Collaborative Approach

It is of high importance to us that our efforts and recommendations coordinate with those on your team of advisors to ensure that we are all working in concert for your benefit – primarily your Certified Public Accountant and Attorney.


You will receive monthly statements and quarterly performance reporting, as well as Annual Tax Reporting.

Annual Reviews

We will meet with you annually to review your overall plan, including estate planning, retirement planning, asset protection planning, tax planning, investment planning, or anything else that demands further discussion as a result of a lifestyle change (birth of a child/grandchild, retirement, employment change, marriage, divorce, death, etc.).

Expert Service

You will have open and on-demand access to our team of Certified Financial Planners™ and their expertise to address your current and future issues, concerns, and opportunities. Our loyal and talented Client Service Team boasts over fifty years combined experience and is dedicated to each client relationship.