Life Insurance

We help our clients identify the right type and amounts of life insurance to meet their needs. For most clients, level term insurance is most cost efficient in providing maximum benefits for traditional life insurance needs, including income replacement, debt reduction/elimination, and college funding. In addition to identifying the type and amount of insurance, we make sure that the ownership and beneficiary structure is set up properly to maximize flexibility for the beneficiaries and to make sure funds are available when needed.

For non-traditional life insurance needs, there are several different types of permanent life insurance that may be considered, including universal life, indexed universal life, and whole life, to name a few. While these products are pitched heavily by the insurance industry to meet every possible need, we believe strongly that permanent life insurance is only appropriate in special circumstances, which may include wealth transfer planning, tax planning, and charitable planning. For high-income earners, a maximum funded indexed universal life policy may provide tremendous benefits. Our firm understands how these various products work and when they are applicable. We are confident that we can be an invaluable resource for those clients who have special circumstances that may require the use of these products.