Quick and Impactful Financial Insights – January 2022

Important Dates:

  • Jan 1st: New Years Day
  • Jan 1st Social Security & Medicare Changes Changes Kick In
  • Jan 15th: Fourth Quarter 2021 Estimated Tax Payments are due
  • January 17th: Martin Luther King, Jr Day – (Stock Market Closed)

It’s a new year which means a fresh start and plenty of things to be excited about.  Financially 2021 ended with the same dull tone it carried most of the year.  Here’s a quick recap: inflation is scary, interest rates will rise in 2022, and lots of talk of tax law change but nothing moved in Washington.  This month Lane Hipple shares the optimism of a new year and the excitement we get from impacting lives through proactive planning.

We start this month’s reading with confirmation that financial planning impacts quality of life and increases happiness.  We move into trends the industry see taking a forefront in 2022 and explore the current supply chain constraints.  We wrap up with a view into the future and how retirement and aging will be very different as technology helps us live longer fuller lives.  

The Lane Hipple team would like to thank you for making 2021 another successful year.  We wish you a healthy, happy and successful 2022, Happy New Year, Enjoy this month’s reading! 


  1. Financial Planning Means Happiness
  2. 6 Financial Planning Trends for 2022
  3. Why Are Supply Chains Blocked?
  4. 5 Ways Technology Will Change How You Age

Financial Planning Means Happiness

There are many reasons why people hire financial advisors, beneath all them is a desire for contentment and happiness.  Well according to a new study, hiring a financial advisor actually is associated with being happier.  Whether it’s the confidence in your financial decisions, the surety you are on track for your goals or relief from financial stresses, having a trusted partner for your financial life decisions will make for a happier journey.  Lane Hipple is proud to be your planning firm and deliver happiness. We have ambitions to help more families in 2022, and welcome the opportunity to talk with those you know and care about that so we can spread the joy!


6 Financial Planning Trends in 2022

Entering a new year gives us the opportunity to step back, reflect on the past year and contemplate the year ahead.  We think about what we could face in 2022; tax and regulation change, market volatility, inflation, rapid retirement of workforce, evolving client communication and rethinking the work/life harmony.  As we address clients’ financial plans for the years ahead, the Lane Hipple team is always exploring planning strategies and expanding our knowledge to deliver the best service to our clients.  This article highlights some of the trends that investors and clients may face in 2022


Why Are Supply Chains Blocked?

The pandemic has created an enormous amount of pressure on people, businesses and institutions; like hospitals, schools..just about everyone and everything.  One thing is becoming abundantly clear, global supply networks have collapsed just as the recovery momentum was swelling. Like a Philadelphia sports team leading up the playoffs, the global supply chain cannot handle the pressure.  Surging demand is leading to the shortages, but numerous disruptions and delays are leading to prolonged issues.  Read more about the complex supply chain and the dynamic issues that the global economy will have to overcome to move past this imbalance in supply and demand.


5 Ways Technology Will Change How You Age

Technology enhances our daily lives in countless ways, and advances are moving at an accelerated pace.  Have you considered how this evolution will effect human life in the future, like how we age.  The potential to significantly impact how we age is monumental, going far beyond just longer life expectancy.  Technology will affect our quality of life, mobility, socialization, health monitoring and where we age.  Learn about how technology will enable us to live fuller lives as we age.


Enjoy the Lite Reading and Remember
“An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest” ~ Benjamin Franklin