Andy presenting to the Virtua Medical Group on the topic of Financial Wellness.












Wealthcare Planner is the growing initiative of Lane Hipple Wealth Management, provided to communicate our specialized medical professional financial planning expertise.  Our firm was founded on the principle of delivering peace of mind through personal, honest financial planning. The medical division of the practice specializes in the needs of medical community and their families. A team of advisors led by Andrew C. Hipple, CFP®, is available to address your unique investment, insurance and planning needs.

Andrew C. Hipple, CFP® has established himself as a premier advisor to the medical community. Very early in his career, Andy set out to become a specialized advisor to doctors, dentists and the medical community. He has studied, analyzed and practiced financial planning for physicians and their families for over a decade. His thriving practice addresses the needs of physicians and their families as well as medical and dental practices, hospitals and medical boards.

Whether managing a practice retirement plan, educating a residency’s group or designing a financial plan, Andy understands the needs of today’s medical practitioners. The biggest issue physicians face today is STRESS…many retain a debilitating and unhealthy amount. Stress can come from all areas of life, but physicians have extremely tough work duties and very demanding schedules. We use this understanding in guiding our client experience, planning process and wealth strategies. By managing your finances, debt, savings, retirement and investments, we provide the relief you need from your financial stress. Andy is available to address your planning needs and answer your questions. Reach out today to start on the path to financial security!